The Start of a New Chapter

ama-powerptcoverfirstmeetingOn Wednesday, September 28, from 4:30pm to 6:00pm, the American Marketing Association CSUDH Chapter will be kicking off their first meeting of the 2016-2017 semester at the CSUDH Library, Fifth floor Room #5525. Students and faculty are encouraged to attend.

AMA-CSUDH President Morgan Brown will be introducing the local organization, its benefits, and opportunities for the year. “This kick-off meeting is a great way to start off the fall semester and activate students who are looking to gain valuable marketing experience and build a strong network which you just can’t get in a classroom.” As the Chapter looks to build its membership, there are also opportunities to join the board and gain valuable leadership skills.

Special Guest, Dr. Kirti Celly, a supporting facility member will also be presenting on the American Marketing Association National Chapter and benefits of the organization.


One thought on “The Start of a New Chapter

  1. Your first event not only piqued interest and drove students in, it brought curious faculty in inquiring about the activity.
    It was superbly organized, communicated, and informative. I am privileged tarred as faculty advisor if a group of motivated, positive, professionals driven to be change makers in the community of students and the community at large. Way to go toros! ProfC


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